QSTOM: customising design by BRETT Eyewear

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January 14, 2022

The Qstom project is the latest innovation by BRETT, a concept for gentlemen who love their frames and would like to be able to change their frame colour to match the colours of their clothes. Qstom gives the customer the possibility to customize their frames. Three different colours of optical clip are available and four colours of sun clip. With just one BRETT frame the wearer can combine it with two optical clips and one sun clip to have three possible combinations with just one frame. All Qstom frames are made in ultra -ight pure titanium. The sun clips offer quality sun lenses treated with the AQUADURA VISION PRO treatment from the German manufacturer LEICA EYECARE.All Qstom sunlenses are polarized and come with anti-reflective hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-dust coatings. The clip is unique in that it is completely integrated into the front of the frame, making it pure and minimalistic. The patented system is based on a double rim located on the acetate clip, which links the lens and the titanium rim together. In terms of use, changing the clip is easy thanks to the flexibility of the titanium and the monobloc shape. Qstom is delivered in a luxury 'Qstom' box in which the owner can store both their frame and all the different clips.


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