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October 15, 2020

Part of the latest releases, the elegant circular eyerim of OWP style 1448 focuses in on a filigree half bar, which, depending on the style, either adds a subtle highlight or makes a strong statement in sophisticated colours. Special details arise out of elaborate embossing on the area near the cheek, which allows further finesse in the carefully studied colorations. Exciting OWP Signature Acetate on the end tips and a deepened, accurately colored pattern of dots on the insides of the temples add an extra dash of exclusivity, rounding off the look. The OWP ladies’ collection represents attention to detail and design encompassing a range of styles that are feminine and vibrant or timelessly elegant. According to the company, every one of the creations is designed to stand out thanks to the unique character and, as such, offers a perfect statement piece for fashion-conscious women.


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