Olympic Games news: SAFILO at Casa Italia, Tokyo

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July 23, 2021

For Tokyo 2020 – the XXXII edition of the Olympic Games – taking place 23rd July to 8th August, Safilo is present at Casa Italia, headquarters of the Italian National Olympic Committee, with the sunglasses made for The Ocean Cleanup. CONI, the Italian emanation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), promotes the highest level of sporting practice and is the voice of sporting Italian excellence through the stories of the athletes on the Italian Team at the next Tokyo Games. Safilo was selected as one of a number of international players able to drive the Olympic storytelling with relation to environmental protection and sustainability, two key topics that will be at the centre of the event this year. At Casa Italia, Safilo will exhibit the recycled plastic sunglasses made exclusively for The Ocean Cleanup, the Dutch non-profit environmental organization that develops advanced technologies to extract plastic pollution from the oceans. The Ocean Cleanup glasses are a limited edition made in injected plastic recovered from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) thanks to an upcycling process. 100% of the proceeds will go to the continuation of the clean-up mission, according to Safilo. “Sustainability is an integral part of Safilo's corporate philosophy and is firmly rooted in our business strategy, with the aim of promoting and contributing to a more responsible future for our planet,” said Angelo Trocchia, CEO of Safilo Group. “The Olympics remind us of the mission to build a better world through sport: we are honored to support CONI and the Italian Olympic Team in this edition of the Games and to represent one of the Italian excellences exhibited at Casa Italia thanks to the eyewear produced for The Ocean Cleanup, which was an incredible technological and innovation challenge for us in the reconversion of plastic waste.”


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