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October 09, 2020

OGI Eyewear announces its 2021 eyewear collections with the creative direction of David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer. In a company statement, OGI is described as having undergone a significant transformation that includes the positioning of the collections, the service, visual assets, and the digital tools designed to engage optical professionals in a fresh and meaningful way, given the significant changes in the market. Taking time to reflect on the past and move forward with imaginative strategies for every touchpoint in the business, the new creative direction of the brand is reflected in the digital and design worlds. Revitalizing and rejuvenating energy encapsulates the new website with features including a Virtual Try-On experience, digital catalogues with Augmented Reality 3-D frame viewing capabilities, and new visual campaigns that precisely define the brand stories. "An eyewear collection can either be Ho Hum ordinary or take it to the next level exciting” said David Duralde in a statement on the launch of the new collections which include OGI, Red Rose and Seraphin. “At OGI Eyewear, we prefer the adrenaline rush of a standout design that makes us feel our pulse when we see an incredible frame light up a face. There is no point in being basic today. Eyewear is an extremely personal accessory, and we are committed to keeping it that way". This is why OGI Eyewear took the time and the investment to tell their story more passionately with exciting new styles and visually engaging media to bring their customers to the next level of success and enjoyment. Rob Rich, Chief Executive Officer of OGI Eyewear, states, “I am very excited and proud of the transformation that has been achieved by the revamped and revitalized OGI Eyewear team with the latest releases. We have successfully defined our brands to be complementary to one another, allowing our valuable customers the opportunity to have a depth of choice on both styling and price. I am looking very forward to the continued changes that will make OGI Eyewear a leader in providing the independent optical access to the latest designs and technology through our commitment to investing in our brands”. 


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