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September 12, 2019

Kenmark Eyewear, a leader in crafting and distributing original optical eyewear and sunglasses, has announced the launch of their new collection, Paradigm. The brand has been carefully created and designed from scratch by the Kenmark Eyewear team and is the first in house collection of its kind for the company, specifically targeting the independent market.

“Our Paradigm Collection offers a modern perspective on everyday frames with eyewear that brings classic appeal to current trends and proves that basics don’t have to be boring.”

Kenmark Eyewear

Paradigm is a shift on the everyday basics, classics with a twist, with something for everyone, they explain. The brand was designed to be very diverse, fitting a wide variety of faces, ethnicities, ages and personal styles. The brand story encourages consumers to shift their view on the everyday, with highlights being shift your view on basics, quality, accountability and style. Paradigm will release new collections on a seasonal schedule for spring/summer and autumn/winter. Each collection will be designed and brought to life by Kenmark’s in-house team, being unique for each season and based on an overall collection theme, all while being innovative and following the trends for each season.

\\ 19-10 / Double bar aviator style with acetate rim inside metal frame. // These bold retro frames are anything but old fashioned.
The acetate rims are enclosed by a thin, metal frame for a stylish visual contrast

Showing at SILMO PARIS for the first time this month, the initial collection will include 18 optical styles and 13 sun styles, with a total of 93 skus.

This collection mostly features metals and translucent acetates, all thin and very lightweight, ideal for all age groups with a diverse colour palette ranging from fresh crystal tones to timeless favorites including rose gold and gunmetal and trendy hues of grey and slate.

\\ 19-33 / Small aviator with suspended top bar construction. // A sunglasses standby gets a modern makeover with these edgy frames

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