NW77th: fresh, colourful, custom-designed!

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June 09, 2022

This season, NW77th announces their 2022 release, with a collection of eyewear models in an array of fun and lively colours. In addition to the new models, this release is designed to give a refresh to a handful of frames from the past, bringing new colour options to frames from previous releases. Keeping things interesting as always, the collection features 21 never-seen-before, custom- designed colour combinations. While the designs are described as “a bit out-of-the-box”, their methods are tried-and-true. As a family business with 143 years in the optical industry, those at NW77th have had time to dedicate themselves to their craft and create handcrafted eyewear that can last a lifetime. The eyewear from NW77th is crafted using the strongest materials possible, including a durable acetate and surgical-grade stainless steel, states the company. NW77th was created to bring together all things fun, fresh, and exciting, inspired by the high- energy lifestyles of young urban dwellers. Always trying to push limits of design, the brand “aims to create a brand experience unlike any other.”


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