NW77th announces Spring releases

What's on in Europe
March 09, 2023

NW77th showcases some of their most expressive and colourful styles to date with five new eyewear models, each offered in four colours. Throughout the collection, a blend of classic and geometric shapes are paired with bright, custom-designed colours exclusive to the brand. Taking inspiration from the fun, high-energy feel of young city life, the early Spring release introduces 16 colour blends to the independent family-owned brand. In addition to the new models, NW77th has refreshed their collection with six new colours for some of their most-loved frames. With a 144-year history of crafting premium eyeglasses, NW77th aims to push limits of design in the creation of contemporary eyewear with a focus on craftsmanship. Each frame goes through a handcrafting process in which they are tumbled for six days and hand-polished until silky-smooth. The brand chooses high quality materials such as biodegradable cellulose acetate and surgical-grade stainless steel.


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