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March 23, 2018

Italian innovation and design

After attending three editions in the Lab Academy at Mido, Nuiit Eyewear exhibited at the Milan show with a new booth in the Fashion District area.

After consolidating its presence in the domestic market, Nuiit focuses on achievement by moving into leading stores in the fashion capitals of Europe, the United States and the Pacific Rim.
At the fair, the brand introduced its NATURAL 37 ACE lenses. These lenses are created for all light conditions; they protect the eyes from UV rays up to 400nm (UV 400). The chromatic tonality with a graduated effect is achieved with the addition of ultra-thin layers of fluorides and metal oxides.

The NAT 37 ACE will be available in the new models Paatit and Naujaq Special Edition, a hand-finished aviator design with a timeless finesse.

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