Titaniumn styles: inspired by Tokyo

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July 27, 2020

The TOKYO collection by Nirvan Javan is inspired by the architectural and cultural identity of Japan's capital city. Reflecting the cosmopolitan facet of NIRVAN JAVAN, the company adds five handcrafted, filigree titanium models to its previous collections. Inspired by the city that combines traditional high culture with modern high-tech the label has integrated these expressive attributes continuing to pursue its stylistic journey around the globe. The filigree frames of the TOKYO collection have been manufactured from elegant, lightweight titanium. The lightness of the glasses adds not only a modern and luxurious flair but also ensures a stylish look.  The striking cubic shapes of the frames and the classic colours of black, rose gold, gold and silver are clearly in the spotlight of the TOKYO collection which is handcrafted in Japan, underlining the quality standards of the brand.

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