NIRVAN JAVAN: highlighting the colour brown

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May 26, 2022

NIRVAN JAVAN highlights the colour brown in the SHADES OF TORONTO, a line in Japanese acetate, offering glasses with strong cubic shapes. The SHADES OF TORONTO are a reflection of the Canadian skyline. In deep brown, the styles reproduce a distinctive look inspired by striking architecture, and unique details such as the reflections of the sun on the windows, interpreted in bold yellow lens tints that "shade the eyes". Nirvan Javan plays with the theme of the "Shades of Toronto" through a series of high-impact images - featuring models and dark, emotive photos of the products in still life. Shades of Toronto includes 6 sunglass models, including some with photochromic lenses. Additional colour choices include Black, Champagne Transparent, Blue, Yellow, Dark Pink, Purple Transparent, Green Transparent. Each model features the engraving “Diversity, our strength” and “The Six”, Toronto’s nickname, appears on model 06. The photochromic lenses also give the wearer the feeling of the Toronto Lifestyle, according to the designer. Toronto is a city beneath the clouds, therefore the sun only breaks through the clouds in thinner rays. The lenses replicate this mood says the brand, with a lighter tone which turns darker.

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