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January 04, 2021

\\ strip titanium 9751 by LINDBERG

The Danish label LINDBERG has announced a series of new styles for 2021, including men’s frame styles 9628 and 9751 in the Strip Titanium collection. The new model LINDBERG strip titanium 9751 has a classical shape with a unique appearance and an accentuated heavier acetate mass for a more dominant character, outlined with thin titanium for a “frame on frame” layering effect which is created with precise technical application. The strip titanium model 9628 outlines the duality of the collection with its smooth surface and hard edges. The sharp-looking frame is a testament to the classic LINDBERG design philosophy of clean design. The full plate titanium eyewear features clean design and an elegant simplicity that draws attention to the sharp shape. The new collection springs from the LINDBERG DNA, which is closely tied to the design movement of functionalism. This fact is seen clearly in what LINDBERG describes as “exquisite designs that feel fantastic to wear” – where style and comfort are carefully balanced. The new models are the result of technical innovation, as well as a tradition of craftsmanship and customisation, elements that have become the core of the globally renowned Danish company.

\\ strip titanium 9628 by LINDBERG

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