New line released by J.F. REY

Author: 20/20 Europe Team for JF REY

What's on in Europe
October 14, 2021

A new line released by the J.F. Rey brand in France proposes four exceptional design-led models: JF1509, JF1510, JF1511 and JF1512. The styles are characterised by oversized shapes dedicated to women in a creative and modern style with a strong statement. A modern femininity in the designs and the unique artisan quality is exquisitely flattering on faces according to J.F. Rey. The thin profiles combine with acetate colours and patterns - the design is highlighted in each frame with a creative construction of acetate collages that reveal a beautiful aesthetic on thickness, volumes and cutouts. Contrasts of colours come in glossy transparencies including an intriguing crystalline or opaque, a detail that reveals the beauty of the patterns. For some models the acetate patterns are described as "blooming" with a pastel effect, and a mood of freshness, somewhere between pop, graphic and deliciously vintage - where a large choice of stylistic possibilities can be explored explored and created.

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