New Eco material: 
MAZZUCCHELLI acetate sheet made from 100% sustainable acetate

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March 19, 2020

A material made from Eastman Acetate Renew, a cellulose diacetate composed of 60% biobased and 40% certified recycled content is soon to become available to eyewear designers through the Italian acetate company, Mazzucchelli 1849.
Made through carbon renewal technology, Acetate Renew is said to offer the same performance as a new plastic material although it contains significant amounts of certified recycled content from eyewear production scrap.
The companies say that the production of the material results in “a significant reduction in greenhouse gases when compared to the traditional manufacturing process”.
Mazzucchelli is providing acetate scrap to Eastman for use in carbon renewal. Eastman will soon begin collecting and recycling scrap at scale from eyewear manufacturers for conversion into the new material, with the aim of creating a closed loop for the eyewear industry. The first supply of sheet made from the material will be available before the end of June 2020.
The recycled content in Acetate Renew will be certified using the mass balance approach through International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) audits across the value chain.

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