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September 04, 2019

Born, designed and created in Denmark

Founded by Jorgen Vesterby in 1973, with more than 40 years’ experience in design innovation, PRODESIGN is releasing a stunning communication campaign for Autumn to bring the extraordinary creative history of the brand under the spotlight.
The creative direction of the season has been designed to make a statement, supported by totally new images, with the purpose of promoting a new and unique look–beyond the norm.
The messages include “This Fall Looks Green to Us”; “This Fall is looking Edgy”; “This Fall is Made a lot more Sophisticated”; “This Fall Add Yellow”...“ illustrating a new tone of voice adopted by the brand to support the presentation of fresh new product concepts in the new season. PRODESIGN has a story to tell about its creations, which offer a special touch of style, accompanied by an incomparable attention to comfort and details. Staying true to its tradition of having a proactive vision in the optical world, as one of ‘the great players’ in the rich history of Danish design, PRODESIGN is proud of its history and its achievement through the years in “changing Eyecare into Eyewear”.

PRODESIGN loves Danish Design!

ProDesign Denmark is part of Design Eyewear Group

Design Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years.
Design is the heart of our company and great design is what defines all our brands. They are versatile and clearly positioned: from audacious French design to a clean-cut Scandinavian look.

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