New Acetate Bold Series by TREE SPECTACLES

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September 05, 2019

Acetate BOLD Series

The Acetate Bold Series by Tree Spectacles brings special attention on the creative capabilities of TREE, an independent brand with a passion for design with the perfect synergy of craftsmanship and new technology.
“Every Tree Spectacles Collection is the result of careful research and development,” says Marco Barp,
“To achieve designs of excellence we have worked tirelessly to combine a special mix of materials, advanced technologies and the best artisan craftsmanship available to us in Belluno, the heart of the Italian eyewear region.” With expertise in mixing quality materials, this new acetate collection, featuring four models, Febo, Hero, Creo and Zeno - is a totally new departure where two classic materials – eco-friendly acetate and advanced Japanese titanium – come together in creative, head-turning styles with the comfort and lightness of the most minimal concepts in eyewear.

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