NEUBAU surreal heat launch announced

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May 03, 2023

The Austrian label has launched new sunglass styles with the collection title "SURREAL HEAT". Known for its drive towards a sustainable philosophy, the brand's latest campaign takes place in a scene of cool arctic landscapes and sprawling deserts, where winter and summer symbolically fuse. Colours like cool rosé, icy grey or reflective blue define the colour palette of the collection which - as is customary in this range - is made from sustainable materials. In this futuristic scene, two statement shapes stand out from the monochrome world of the campaign. Design and ultimate lightness are the main characteristics of the model Freddy which is made of plant-based acetate. Designed for strong expression, the model Quinn offers the feminine elements of a cateye frame, whose shape is created through geometric precision, says the company. Further highlights of the collection such as ALENA, JOSI and RUPERT combine cool colours with soft shapes creating a unique balance in the collection, they state. The FREDDY, QUINN, ALENA, JOSI and RUPERT models made of plant-based acetate will be available by June 2023 at a price of 350 euros. The models EMMA, CHARLIE and FINN made of plant- based naturalPX are available at a price of 230 euros.

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