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July 14, 2022

The Austrian brand NEUBAU EYEWEAR announces that it is a carbon neutral brand “using only environmentally friendly materials in a resource-efficient production”. As of summer 2022, the production facilities of NEUBAU, in the heart of Austria, is certified by TÜV Austria as carbon neutral. This status was achieved by systematically converting a wide range of processes to sustainable methods, as well as through compensation payments towards certified climate protection projects, according to the company. “We see ourselves as a sustainable brand that operates in an authentic and serious manner. Taking the step towards a carbon neutral company was an extensively planned project with many challenges to face. We are proud that we now have reached this milestone and continue to make a significant contribution to protecting our planet as NEUBAU EYEWEAR”, says Daniel Liktor, Managing Director. At its own local production facility in Linz, Austria, where all eyewear is manufactured, processes were reviewed and changed in recent years to ensure resource-saving methods were put in place. By installing an extensive photovoltaic system, the company uses electricity exclusively from renewable sources. An exhaust air purification system, removing 97 percent of pollutants, heat recovery, and the use of 370 LED lamps, as well as environmentally friendly means of transportation have been other key areas of goal setting. In addition, the production site is located in a water conservation area that is subject to particularly strict wastewater regulations.

For the production of NEUBAU products and all accessories, only plant-based, easy-to-recycle and durable ‘lasting’ materials are used, the company states. The use of 3D printing technology - a no-waste method - since 2019 has also marked another essential component in the vision of the brand. In addition to conversion to sustainable methods, NEUBAU is now investing in a climate protection project to compensate those carbon emissions that are still unavoidable. "For us, the ongoing reduction of our carbon footprint through our own efforts is the main focus, and as for now and the near future offsetting is a crucial support in achieving our final goal”, Daniel Liktor continues. The brand supports the BaumInvest reforestation project in Costa Rica. BaumInvest is a recognized forest compensation project that combines ecological and socio-economic benefits for local communities and the environment.

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