NEUBAU EYEWEAR natural3D optical frames, releasing April 2020

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February 04, 2020

With its latest models Greta, Erin, Bill and David – all named after well-known environmental activists – neubau eyewear is taking another step in the field of sustainable eyewear production. Typical of neubau eyewear, the glasses have an easy fit and are comfortable to wear thanks to their lightness – on average, 3D printed frames are 30 percent lighter than acetate frames. The 3D temples have an integrated titanium needle, which allows the glasses to be easily adjusted in just a few steps. The neubau eyewear logo is discreetly integrated on the hinge of the models.
With natural3D, neubau is using an entirely natural material in the 3D printer. Eyewear production using “made in Austria” 3D printing is a real success story for the label, according to a statement. The high-tech production is particularly resource-efficient as layers of the powdered plastic are merged together by a laser and any excess material is reused.
neubau eyewear has also developed a complex procedure to dye, smooth and seal the usually rough and porous laser-sintered surface. This guarantees the long-lasting colours of the natural3D models and makes them particularly kind to the skin.

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