NAUTICA EYEWEAR introduces new tenite renew collection

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February 01, 2023

Nautica Eyewear announces the launch of their new Tenite Renew collection, featuring styles made from a sustainable material by Eastman which uses more than 56% of sustainable materials made from bio-based and certified recycled content. The certified recycled content is allocated using ISCC mass balance. The collection launching offers two sunglasses and three ophthalmic glasses styles, designed with lightweight constructions, classic shapes and pops of colour, the company states. Tenite Renew is produced via an advanced innovative recycling technology using hard to recycle waste plastic in place of fossil feedstock, reducing carbon emissions and leaving fossil-based resources behind while ensuring the same high performance as conventional materials. “We are thrilled to continue our commitment to taking steps toward social responsibility and making a positive impact on the environment with Tenite Renew,” said Thomas Burkhardt, President of Marchon Eyewear, Inc. “The Nautica styles offer customers more sustainable styles when shopping for lifestyle eyewear.”

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