NATHALIE BLANC launches new Colorstalgia models

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March 29, 2023

In the latest Colorstalgia collection release, the French luxury eyewear brand Nathalie Blanc Paris evokes icons of the 1960s and 1970s, “diving into memories and making shapes and colours dance”. The line proposes 60s style designs imagined through a dialogue between André Courrèges and Nathalie Blanc, who share a style of non-conformism and avant-garde personalities. The models are large, with bold curves and unexpected collage effects. As a fan of modernity and inventiveness, Nathalie Blanc introduces her own signatures into the styles, such as the inverted bridge in model Julie, a vintage oversize model in colours such as emerald, designed to carry the wearer away into a world of freshness and joy. For the 70s theme in the collection, models such as Adèle and Valentine, continue the oversized styling introduced in 2022, and evolves a preference for elegant curves and bevels. The temples are revealed beneath the acetate in the models, testament to the artisan techniques at the heart of the designs.

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