Öga collection 2020

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September 07, 2020

In the Öga collection 2020, the designers at Morel play with texture and material to offer comfortable, robust frames, which are full of character. Morel applies expertise in the discovery of new exclusive techniques innovating in the use of materials and ways in which they can be combined. Model 10136 features a checkered pattern to transform the electrifying blue metal frame on the top edge. A technical process presses the metal to form a texture giving depth and adding a 3D effect to the frame. Metal temples offer an architectural aesthetic and add sophistication. Those who crave details will appreciate the subtlety of the finishing touches which showcase pure, masculine lines. Model 10139 offers a smart play of material and colour. A milled front which is laminated on the top edge reveals three yellow lines. The lines add intensity against the transparent grey acetate, a detail which is especially striking when the frame catches the light.

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