MOREL Design style, with French finesse

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March 19, 2020

Each season makes for a new discovery of fashion and style codes. Morel interprets the latest trends with oversized, ample shapes featuring original textures, romantic pastel shades or, for contrast, prints for strong personalities. The company has also drawn on the vintage trend which remains just as relevant and impactful according to the French company.
Features of the new lines include model 20087K from KOALI. This acetate frame with a nylon decoration guarantees glamour for the wearer. Morel’s colour palette has been geared towards contrasts between speckled shades and nude transparency, for an overall chic and feminine look.
Model 60098M from the 1880 collection draw inspiration from the heart of retro-chic trends. For this creation, the cat’s eye shape beautifies the eyes with a delicate curve and soft crystal-clear colour. The use of fine materials brings lightness and comfort the 60s inspired design.

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