Out of the darkness,
into the light

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September 18, 2020

For the Autumn/Winter 2020 campaign Danish company Monoqool selected a very unique location: an old water reservoir - Cisternerne - below ground in the bustling city of Copenhagen in Denmark. With the Corona pandemic continuing to affect our lives, the company chose this specific highly atmospheric backdrop for the campaign for its particular resonance at this extraordinary time.
'Out of the darkness and into the light' is the theme of the new Monoqool campaign. “We were aiming to provide a feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel,” says founder Allan Petersen".
For the Autumn/Winter season, Monoqool announces the launch of seven new styles in four colours. The styles span a range of looks, from the ultra light model Whisper WP glasses from Monoqool’s Wire series, to the chunky and edgy model Carson CR. Building on a new fast-paced trend towards square eye shapes, Monoqool has developed the new model Cookie Jar CJ. With slightly chunky edges, this design is a highlight in the collection and comes in very powerful colour options which pave the way for new trends of 2021. Striking and flattering to wear, the new trendsetting hue for the season will be Golden Olive Green says Petersen, who has a particular focus on bold statement colours, whilst ensuring the collection fits everyone’s taste.

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