McLaren and L’Amy present
Ultimate Vision for eyewear innovation

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April 29, 2019

Collection available for Spring/Summer 19

McLaren, the racing and technology brand and creator of luxury high performance sports and supercars, and eyewear manufacturer, L’Amy,  have launched the McLaren Vision Collection, an innovative and pioneering eyewear range.
The McLaren Vision Collection is a design and technology collaboration between both companies to bring new and unique product to the eyewear category. To guarantee the highest quality, McLaren’s design principals were applied to the creative process and its expertise in materials and technology combined to produce a collection that is both advanced and innovative.
The collection was first shown at SILMO in September 2018 where it won the SILMO d’Or Design Award for Technology and Innovation. The frames are lightweight and strong using titanium and 3D printing technology. The lenses are hung within the frames at just two contact points to minimise lens interference. The presentation is inventive and new delivering a sense of theatre, according to the eyewear company. The license is a celebration of both brands expertise and passion to design new and exciting product that pushes boundaries and challenges the norm.
The McLaren Vision eyewear collection is the first of a global licensing agreement between McLaren Group and L’Amy Group.  L’Amy has been manufacturing innovative eyewear since 1810. Today it specialises in the production under licence of high-end eyewear collections for multiple global brands.

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