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April 30, 2021

Sea2see announces a renewal of its collaboration with French optical retailer Optic 2000 and the continued roll out of the exclusive collection in stores across France and Switzerland. Designed and developed exclusively for the chain, the award-winning Optic 2000 x Sea2see line – is produced in 100% Sea2see recycled marine plastic waste and is 100% made in Italy. Committed to raising awareness about sustainability since launching the partnership in 2020, the Optic 2000 campaign (2020/2021) for Sea2see features professional surfer, model and ocean lover Maud Le Car (Instagram: @maudlecar). Le Car first appeared in the TV ad for Optic 2000 x Sea2see in Spring 2020. Wearing Sea2see optical frames and sunglasses in the advertising, Le Car talks about ocean pollution and plastic waste on beaches from her own experience as a surfer. The Optic 2000 x Sea2see TV/web campaign featuring the surfer went on to win the Top/Com Grands Prix Consumer 2020 in the ‘Communication Strategy’ Category and was reported to have generated 350 million contacts in a period of just 5 weeks. A new edition of the TV and digital campaign for 2021 will go live from 14th May 2021 to 6th June 2021. “Our fruitful partnership with Optic 2000 is ongoing,” said François van den Abeele, Founder at Sea2see. “Optic 2000 has fully committed to our sustainable endeavour and the opportunity to raise greater awareness about ocean pollution. They continue to roll out engaging high-profile advertising with the endorsement of professional surfer Maud Le Car, an influencer who has a real passion for the natural beauty of the ocean and who understands our ecological values and commitment to sustainable actions and change.”

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