MARKUS T award-winning rimless line, EASE

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February 05, 2020

With a purist, signature style and patented technical competence, the eyewear manufacture from East-Westphalia – MARKUS T - has followed a path of minimalism and ‘less is more’ frame design. In a new departure in line with this fundamental DNA, the brand has launched EASE, a minimal glazing technology described as easy for every optician to implement.
“We’ve always had this idea for a rimless collection, it just took some time to mature”, says designer and company director Markus Temming. “We wanted to create a very delicate connection system, with a fresh approach.”
The collection which launched in late 2019, includes 22 models – each one of these can be produced with three possible looks.
The different applications, made of extremely thin, and specially dyed titanium are attached to the connecting parts and fit with an interlocking system. Apart from 10 titanium add-ons, one can choose between Flex contours made from the lightweight synthetic TMi in five selected colours and two widths (2.2/4.0 mm).
Drawn around the rim of the lenses, they create a subtle touch of colour on the design to offer a new look and feel in rimless eyewear.

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