MARCOLIN and Harley-Davidson strengthen worldwide eyewear relationship 

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January 12, 2023

Marcolin and Harley-Davidson Motor Company have announced the renewal of their licensing agreement for the design, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of optical frames and sunglasses branded Harley-Davidson®. This new arrangement now includes the addition of Performance and Protective sunglasses designed for on- the-bike use, they stated. The relationship, started in 2013 following the Viva International acquisition by Marcolin, envisages a further six-year extension until December 31st, 2027. Besides the manufacturing of Harley-Davidson eyewear for men and women, the two companies will enter a new global product segment, with performance sunglasses and protective eyewear designed for motorcycle riders. This new category of sunglasses will include foam linings and removable gaskets and will meet other applicable ANSI safety features such as high velocity and high mass impact. Marcolin will take their expertise in luxury and fashion eyewear and combine this with the rigorous testing needed to meet the proper protective eyewear standards to create eyewear designed for riders. 
All Harley-Davidson branded eyewear by Marcolin will continue to include key iconic elements such as subtle logo integration, motorcycle inspired detailing, and designs influenced by

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