LOOKKINO new campaign: the World with eyes of creativity

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October 02, 2019

Kid's world

Kid’s eyewear brand LOOKKINO announces a new ad campaign, serving as a starting point for an idea that is deeply rooted in the DNA of mother company LOOK. The brand has a connection with the world of Italian art and design, reflected in the words: “Lookkino: discover the World through the eyes of creativity”. Shot in a room without walls, enveloped in white, a space where the imagination can run free, an “unfiltered” world is seen through the innocent eyes of a child to convey a sense of imagination, fantasy and abstraction that we feel when discovering and learning new things while having fun.
Marco De Fina, product and marketing manager of LOOK says: “Lookkino’s 2019 red.dot is a fanciful campaign that nods to sophistication with a dash of unpredictability. It is perfectly in line with the whimsical thinking of children who are free to grow up, discover the world and create their own reality.”
The setting features home décor pieces that are full of emotional energy as well as subtle, almost playful, irony.
Some of them are undisputed icons of Italian design from the recent past, so- called “evergreen” pieces that, going beyond time, still adorn our homes today. As children step into their dream room, they look around and find hidden messages behind the shapes of the objects. “With them, we jump into an abstract and essential universe,’ says De Fina, “where the power of imagination creates fun and exciting new experiences. It’s a fixed point in time and a place with no boundaries.”


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