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Campaign launch: “Sono le mani”

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February 05, 2020

One of the features the LOOK brand is centred upon – its credibility as an authentic Italian-made brand - is highlighted in the new LOOK made in Italia campaign.
The company designs and makes everything they produce in Italy, in a part of the country that they claim as “the ideal terrain in which to cultivate a story of excellence.”
Sono le mani – translating “it’s all in the hands” - is a multi-faceted campaign which explores four themes built around the four tenets of the LOOK made in Italia philosophy: beauty, modernity, sophistication and passion.
In each shot, the onlooker sees movements that build into scenes revolving around eyewear – with settings designed to arouse immediate curiosity, referencing fine food and Italian rituals.
LOOK made in Italia is the mother company of a family of brands which include Look, Materika, and kid’s brand Lookkino. The company has been a manufacturer of Italian eyewear since 1978.


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