LOOK KOMBI 10880 series combines lightness and strenght 

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November 09, 2022

‘A combination’ is the key concept in the new LOOK KOMBI 10880 frames by LOOK–made in Italia. The fronts are produced through the mechanical interlocking of cellulose acetate and Xinox, while the design is an expression of a “modern Renaissance inspiration” inherent to the NEW RINASCIMENTO creative process at the brand. The five women’s styles, which have been designed for the Adult Premium segment, are characterized by a bold look via the layering of two materials and alternating contrasting colours. In transparent or solid colour, the acetate binds with the Xinox steel and takes on particular shades of colour. The result, according to the company, is a series of lightweight, contemporary frames enlivened by novel colour pairings. The plasticity and flexibility of the two materials are a key advantage of the series. They fit together without the use of any adhesive or chemical substances “with the utmost respect for the visual well-being of the wearer”. LOOK KOMBI frames are also traceable because they are developed, designed and produced entirely in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.


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