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May 18, 2020

LOOK has launched a new eyewear product designed to be worn under masks and protective eyewear. EXTRA, a LOOK-branded product, is described by the company as extraordinarily versatile and designed to efficiently address the need to adopt new behaviours in light of the pandemic that is forcing us to change some of our habits. The masks we are currently required to wear to protect ourselves and others create issues for those who wear eyeglasses. Often, the fit over the bridge and pressure from the nose pads impede airflow through the nostrils. EXTRA eyewear was tested by health care workers, doctors and nurses who said they had many advantages: as well as being lightweight and comfortable they offer an effective aid to daily work; the small EXTRA style can be worn under transparent protective eye masks-goggles. First-time wearers said they noticed what a natural solution the frames were. The tilting, biocompatible titanium bridge offers a stable fit and unprecedented comfort on the upper part of the nose – so secure that it feels “enveloping”.
LOOK EXTRA eyewear is designed and crafted entirely in Italy by LOOK - made in Italia.


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