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October 15, 2020

Lead by Josep Mateo Muñoz, LIQ Eyewear is a new 3D-printed brand born in the innovative Creax Design, a design and innovation studio in Barcelona, Spain. With a modern and cosmopolitan style of sunglasses, the label is inspired by a mix of different cultures and styles a mix of fashion style with technological precision, ideal for active personalities but with a style of their own. “Our glasses are made of Polyamide, using laser sintering”, says Muñoz. “Polyamide is a natural material, light, warm and nice for the skin and, thanks to 3D printing technology, it allow us to design liquid shapes impossible to produce with conventional materials. Liq started as an internal project at our studio: we thought that it would be a good idea to apply our experience in eyewear design to our own brand taking advantage of 3d printing benefits: no moulds, no stocks and controlling the whole process from our studio ourselves on demand, focusing thereby on a more sustainable model”.

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