LINDBERG promotes playfulness in design

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May 18, 2023

In a new release from LINDBERG, the Danish company encourages the wearer “to play with expressions”. The company states that playfulness drives innovation and uncovers new possibilities previously unimagined. Known for its extensive modular system, LINDBERG proposes more fresh and finely crafted options to experiment with expression and benefit from typical characteristics of the eyewear such as ultra-lightness, comfort, flexibility, and personalised fit. The new collection includes smaller and larger sized frames, and designs that can be tailored to exact facial features. Through lines and angles, the LINDBERG design team has also pushed the envelope with innovative designs always rooted in the Danish minimalistic design tradition. Materials continue to offer special interest, with lightness achieved through the use of titanium, paired with horn, fine wood or acetate for aesthetic elegance and style.

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