LINDBERG Denmark: MøF titanium

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December 20, 2018

A multi-functional eyewear concept for an all-in-one solution

The MøF range by Danish eyewear experts LINDBERG offers a ground-breaking multi-functional eyewear concept that with an ingenious all-in-one solution, according to the company.
With an award-winning and patent-pending interchangeable lens and inner-rim system, the design aims to take eyewear to the next level by allowing users to easily change their lenses to adjust to any situation, while the frame—and thereby the LINDBERG fit—always remains the same.

Featuring a snap-in/snap-out lens system, users can adapt the MøF frame to their specific needs and seamlessly transition between varied scenarios like reading, computing, driving, or active outdoor activities like sailing, hiking or skiing.
As with all LINDBERG models, MøF features the patented screwless hinge system, and is available in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Each frame comes with a hard-shelled case for traveling and a soft, four-pocket wallet that can store a cleaning cloth and two pairs of extra lenses, with or without prescription.

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