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October 15, 2020

The Italian designer Lara D’Alpaos describes her new creative ophthalmic designs as works of art with a unique sculptural elegance, hand-finished by master craftsmen who specialise in the traditional techniques of engraving in precious metalwork. Statement, hand-fished eyewear, independent, unique, with artistic colorations and combinations of exquisite tones, in an artisan collection with character and a mood of glamour, LARA D’ is introducing two new ophthalmic models for women in the Sculpted Acetate Collection. The models are eye-catching and glimmer in the light, the result of the sculpted effect of the acetate surfaces, worked by hand by diamond-point engravers from Vicenza. The 2 new models for women – Giada and Greta – come in a palette of individual colours and blended combinations. Model Giada, the oversized cat’s eye design, is available in black and white tortoise, black and glitter green moss, light purple and soft brown, and tortoise with deep coral. Model Greta, a modified butterfly shape with an angled brow line comes in black with crystal glitter brown, crystal tan with purple, black and white tortoise and tortoise with coral.

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