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July 29, 2019

Capsule collection
by the creative Italian brand

Italian eyewear label KYME’s creative flair evolves in a new line which transcends trends and seasonal fads. With contemporary vintage DNA, the eyewear brand has presented an exciting all-season pocket-sized capsule collection. Through its design, the capsule revisits some iconic shapes from eyewear’s rich history, in ‘resized’ versions with a special focus: the “KY-MINI” collection recalls the typical vintage style of 1968.

1968 – described as a revolutionary year by the brand, is the focal inspiration and heart of the concept. “It’s all about the mini,” the Kyme team explains. “Just like the skirts launched by André Courrèges and Mary Quant during those years and consecrated by fashion icons like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot, we focus on special proportions and a slightly ‘eccentric’ style.”
In total, the collection proposes six pocket-sized frames realized in seven fun, eye-catching colour combinations. Cool shapes with special, out-of-the-ordinary details, the frames are in keeping with a philosophy that believes in eyewear as an accessory that must not go unnoticed – as well as offering real style, quality and accessible prices.

Highlighted styles include a fun hexagonal design and circular, oval, pantos, rectangular, and rhomboid eye shapes. The “KY-MINI” collection aims to add a touch of personality with acetate layers of crystal/havana, opaline finishes and single colourations, gold details and exciting customizations. In addition to this, the capsule collection presents vintage details reinterpreted in a distinctly contemporary context.
KYME SUNGLASSES was created in March 2013 in Altamura (Puglia, Italy).

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