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December 04, 2017

New minimal directions

Minimal art is the source of inspiration for Kyme's new eyewear collection.
The collection focuses on raw materials and linear shapes as an essential aesthetic expression.  Male, female or 'genderless', the constant evolution of Kyme starts with values inspired by history and beauty, a wave of continuous movement, which is capable of being simultaneously expressed yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Nothing is left to chance in the collection, which focuses on each and every detail, designed to ensure excellence. Creativity combines cleverly with the materials, says the company, which have been selected because they are 100% Made in Italy - to guarantee quality.

The new collection follows in the wake of Kyme's experimentation, highlighting its most important values: materials, technology, craftsmanship and passion, a "value" which the brand underlines as “memorable, effective, simple and elegant”.

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