KLiiK Denmark
launches in Germany

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November 26, 2019

Wholesaler Libuda Optic World will further solidify their partnership with WestGroupe to become the new distributor for KLiiK denmark in Germany from December, with the aim of continuing growth in the country.
Taking its direction from the modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design, KLiiK denmark eyewear is designed for men and women requiring smaller eye sizes. The minimal design is elevated through bold coloration, laser cut detailing, custom design elements, and an array of patterns and textures.
KLiiK denmark offers a wide repertoire of styling for the narrow PD clientele with a strong sense of style.

For women, the collection focuses on bold colours and custom design details. Stainless steel style K-663 is a modified square shape with winged end pieces for a catty look. The hand painted browline in a matte finish is contrasted with the shiny metallic finish on the top rim and temples. This style is available in teal gun, eggplant rose gold, black and taupe gold.
For men, classic style meets a modern aesthetic. A modern twist on the clubmaster, style K-652 comes in a stainless-steel design that is ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight. The browline is elevated and enhanced by the matte/shine combination finishes and is available in colour combinations of black charcoal, grey gun and black gold.


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