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November 27, 2018

Centena Collection launches

Kirk & Kirk have launched the Centena Collection, a line that celebrates 100 years of family optics. The range uses a special grade of lightweight Italian acrylic with a thickness of 10mm, offering a substantial yet light look and feel. The frame design uses beveled and angled edges and shapes, throwing light across the face.
As a designer, Karen Kirk is inspired by sculpture, architecture, Murano and Moser glass. With a background in graphic design, she has a particular interest in design and art but as an optical designer and wearer, she is focused on ensuring that the frames flatter the face and compliment the style of the wearer.
The Centena Collection is available in 10 unique and flattering styles across 10 monocolour options. Each frame is like an individual sculpture revealing the glass-like properties of the material and the confident angles and shapes of the frames, according to the company.

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