‘The season of giving back’

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November 26, 2020

Customers will be able to place orders through their sales consultant or online through their customer portal and all sales globally will go towards the donations each week. The charities chosen for donation are the National Forest Foundation, whom they have had an ongoing partnership with this year, Mental Health America, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Best Friends Animal Society, and UNICEF. The company feels that bringing awareness to these causes is now more important than ever and wishes to show their support for mental health, homelessness, animals, the environment and kids in need. They have chosen a charity that will really benefit each of these important causes and are excited to bring their customers along to contribute. The donations started on 30th November and will run until 3rd January. “We’re so excited to be able to donate to these amazing causes,” says CEO, Mike Cundiff, “It’s been a tough year for everyone and we’re thrilled to support and be able to get our customers involved in helping others and our environment.” “Now more than ever it’s so important to find ways to give back and help our community. Everyone has had a tough year, some so much more than others, and we want to do our part to help those in need,” says VP of Marketing, Marissa Cundiff, “We feel extremely lucky to be able to support all of these wonderful causes and are happy to bring our customers along to help in our contribution!”

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