JOBSON OPTICAL GROUP (NYC) announces new President

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November 07, 2022

Jobson Optical Group has announced the appointment of Bill Scott as President of Jobson Optical/U.S. Pharmacist Group. Scott moves from his position as president of the Research, ECP & PAA divisions of the Jobson Optical Group, taking over from Marc Ferrara. Bill Scott is a long-serving member of the Group, having served a total of 30 years to date. The Group has also announced that James DeMatteis, currently director of digital products, for the New York Optical retail division, has been promoted to publisher of 20/20 and VisionMonday divisions. Joining as sales manager in 2006, DeMatteis has been involved more recently in the digital expansion of 20/20 and VisionMonday business units. The company has confirmed that Marc Ferrara will continue to play an advisory, consulting and market-facing role for the Optical Group, working closely with Scott, DeMatteis and the rest of the Optical/USP management team for the foreseeable future.

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