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Author: 2O/20 Europe Team for J.F. REY

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January 20, 2023

In the J.F. REY men's collections, the CARBONCOLOR line presents its 4th generation frames, inspired by the CARBONWOOD concept, a J.F. Rey “bestseller”. 
A "new high-end classic J.F. REY" that the designers revisit, J.F. Rey is offering, they say, an innovative and very unexpected approach to the design of the frames with new experimentation 
in combinations of carbon and acetate. The 2023 collection is extended with new models JF3034 and JF3041. The style of the frames is original with the assembly of a colored acetate top wand a fine and complex structure of carbon fiber: according to the company, this is a combination of materials and contrasting styles that only J.F. REY manages to master with such precision, subtlety, and colour accuracy.


Describing the collection the designers point to graphic effects of the colour palette, sophisticated textures and a dynamic aesthetic which come together to modernize the shapes, while underlining the complexity of the construction and the stylistic performance of the design. Details, such as star-head TORX screws, traditionally used in fine jewelry, are eye-catching, decorating each side of the frame while ensuring excellent support of the frame on the face. Modern, light, and easy to wear, these models are described as perfectly in line with the J.F. REY’ design signature.


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