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PETITE Collection 2019

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May 02, 2019

Colour, Style and Personality

French design company Jean-François Rey has long focused on eyewear design to suit all style and comfort needs.  Specially conceived and perfectly adjusted to ‘dress up’ small faces, the company’s individual PETITE collection is designed to offer more than meets the eye.
Faithful to the creative spirit of the brand, the collection brings together the elegance of a JF Rey frame with exciting quirky, stylistic details. “The designs have a free and contemporary spirit,” says the design team, “discreet in appearance, but with a lot of personality!”
Jean-François Rey was one of the first designers to imagine a line of frames entirely dedicated to women with smaller or narrower faces – designed specifically for their comfort and style needs, and a very competitive price.
Since 2012, the designer has further developed this specialism: he has managed to redefine the proportions and sizes and the collection brings together unprecedented design, colour proposals and exciting material associations in a range that is as diverse as possible. “The stylistic hallmark of the house of Jean-François Rey is found in strong and playful colour compositions, and in chic and fresh acetate materials from the Italian producer, Mazzucchelli,” says the company.
Jean-François Rey first opened the Marseille based eyewear company headquarters in 1995 with his wife Joelle. The collections, which now also include Volte Face and Sky Eyes, as well as BOZ and Jean-François Rey (Au Masculin and 1985), are available in optical stores around the world.

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