Italian label ULTRA LIMITED shows bold photographic campaign

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March 17, 2023

In a brand-new campaign by the Italian artisan brand ULTRA LIMITED, the focus has been placed on the face and the eyes, and the styling possibilities offered by artisan accessories. The company has matched the individual frame designs with decorative scarves that coordinate with the vibrant colours of the eyewear, and the photographer highlights the female face against brightly coloured backdrops in pastel pink, crimson red and a natural corn yellow, tones underlining the details and colours of the ULTRA style. This campaign is all about the beauty and drama of wearing our glamorous accessories on the face”, explains Tommaso Poltrone, ULTRA LIMITED. “We wanted to underline the uniqueness of the ULTRA LIMITED frames, where each one is like no other”. With an eye on their timeless look and the original design using upcycled offcuts of high-quality acetate, the photographic compositions reaffirm the artisan features of the handmade frames, their character and focus on inimitable design.

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