Inspired by the Principality: MONACO by EYE RESPECT

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November 11, 2021

In a new collaboration between eyewear company Eye Respect and the Principality of Monaco, the new MONACO by EYE RESPECT sunglasses collection for Spring/Summer 2022 was designed by Eye Respect's Jonathan van Blerk and Head of Design, Stephane Emeric. “Our location in Monaco puts us in an incredibly unique position where we have been able to reflect the values, the culture and the vibrancy and pay homage to the constant evolution of this charming and unique place....” says Didier Coton, Chairman of The GLBL Eyewear Group. According to the brand, the handcrafted designs in the collection embody an evocative depiction of the history of Monaco, its traditional quarters and the inspirational icons of the Municipality - past and present. The collection is designed to "ooze class and sophistication, presenting the very finest quality materials and advanced sun lenses for each inimitable piece." Features include the official logos and colours of the Municipality of Monaco, and a selection of versatile shapes including a cat's eye, and a glamorous statement square design.

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