Rimless R800-Series: No Limits

What's on in Europe
September 07, 2020

According to the German eyewear company Hoffmann, a rimless frame frees the lenses and moves the style emphasis away from the glasses to focus on the individual’s unique look. The understated R800 rimless series introduced this month by Hoffmann Natural Eyewear presents exclusive titanium metalwork with gold or palladium plating. The design boasts a replaceable-screw system for easier glazing, making work for the optician as minimal and convenient as possible. With handcrafted temples created from polished natural horn or in prestigious horn and wood combinations, the designs are striking and elegant alongside all important comfort when worn through the day. Unostentatious and timeless by design, the R800-Series offers a wide selection of lens shapes and temple colourways to allow for an ideal combination for each and every face.


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