Heritage, Avantgarde, and Icons at CHARLIE MAX

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January 07, 2021


Charlie Max has defined its latest releases into three collections called Heritage, Avantgarde and Icons with the aim of differentiating the styles and their unique characteristics. The HERITAGE collection is based on a fundamental principle of the Charlie Max brand: craftsmanship. Distinctive features of the HERITAGE models are their technical features achieved through traditional craftsmanship and techniques such as milling, with attention to detail and “a desire for perfection”. The HERITAGE collection is dedicated to all those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind product, characterised by the highest expression of Italian craftsmanship together with the skilful selection and combination of materials. The models of the AVANTGARDE collection fuse innovation and stylistic experimentation with models characterised by distinctive design and a series of enhancing details. 


The ICONS collection includes a selection of must-have shapes created for the true eyewear enthusiast, according to the company. This collection includes different types of icons such as the aviator, cat-eye, pantos and racer styles. Through the ICONS collection, Charlie Max presents eyewear with unique features and details with the aim of bringing out the wearer’s personality with excellent results.



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