First collection: the Architecture Collection

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July 13, 2020

A tribute to architecture with inspiration that stems from the study of forms and materials, the new Architecture Collection by GOOD’S, launched for 2020 comprises unique hand-finished frame styles rooted in the history of Naples, the Italian city where the company has its roots. In the A collection, architectural elements are highlighted in details such as the metal core of the temples, visible thanks to the transparency of the acetate structure. 7 models in 6 different colours are inspired by the architecture of  Naples, named after well-known architects: Antonio Niccolini, Cosimo Fanzago, Luigi Vanvitelli, Luigi Cosenza, Errico Alvino, Ferdinando Sanfelice, Giancarlo Alisio. The seventh model offers a hint of what’s to come in the second collection called the “Book Collection”, inspired by literature, and launching in September 2020. Nothing at Good’s is left to chance, according to the founders. “Every detail is the result of research and balance. In the POP material, the smooth elements in poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), used for yachts, are combined with the rough wooden scaffold boards used for handling and restoring the angels of Giuseppe Sammartino of Gerolamini church in Naples, by A.Re.N., Associazione Restauratori Napoletani…". GOOD’S is named after creator Piero Buono who has a wealth of experience in the eyewear business and comes from a family who have been involved in optics for three generations. Buono works alongside founder Walter Engle, who leads the digital development of the brand, and architect and creative director Francesco Maria Stazio.

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