Autumn release: Perspective Folio


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August 31, 2020

For autumn, Götti Switzerland announces Perspective Folio, a new concept offering new-generation lightness, strong contours, and precise technical innovation. The Perspective Folio design features a fine, flat rim reduced to the absolute minimum, which holds the lens. The contour is an effect that lends character to the glasses, balancing a minimal “surround” with what the company describes as “breathtaking lightness”. These new glasses are the culmination of precision mechanics at Götti Switzerland created using 3D printing and with the innovative screwless system, a signature of the Swiss label, which manufactures all frames and their parts on site in the Swiss company HQ. The new concept is produced in a combination of Sandvik steel and 3D printed polyamide with colours ranging from Temple Black to Denim, Berry and Sand.


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