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September 05, 2018

Dimension Next launch

Dimension Next is a collection of glasses for the next generation by Götti Switzerland with features that include lightness, flexibility, and personalized details.
Using futuristic 3D printing, the frame front is constructed into a flexible and stable pair of glasses, layer by layer.
In addition, 3D printing makes it possible to manufacture each shape in different sizes.
This creates a product range for every age with limitless options.
The temples are manufactured from robust Sandvik stainless steel.
The entire technology, which does not utilize screws or soldered joints is constructed by Götti Switzerland, and is manufactured in the company’s own factory in Switzerland.
Dimension Next is designed as a kind of construction kit.
Each individual component can be combined and put together interchangeably in different colours. Glasses for teenagers, as well as for little ones can be made with the same collection, allowing freedom to assemble a style and colour, according to the wearer’s preference.


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